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Carolyn Thomas – Author and Interviewer

Why did I create this book? I have an agreement with a group of souls known as The Council to put forth messages of hope from inspirational beings on the other side to people on Earth. They facilitate the interviews that I conduct through a channeler. The Council is a group of ascended master beings on the other side and while we can’t be certain, we have been led to conclude that souls such as Saint Francis, Jesus Christ, and other enlightened beings are members of The Council.

For this first book, The Council led me to the topic of global warming and climate change. They are aware that as the climate crisis intensifies, it is leaving many with a sense of despair for the world and their future. People are searching for a sense of safety, comfort, and hope during this unprecedented time. This is The Council’s project, and I am the messenger.

Allow me to back up a bit. While I have been on a spiritual path since the late 1980s and feel very comfortable with and open to channeled information, I never imagined that I would be talking one-on-one with souls on the other side, and extremely notable ones, no less. I worked for many years at high-tech companies and venture capital firms in Silicon Valley and exited the workforce in 2007 to address health issues that had progressively worsened.

How did this all come about? I first met Sam in 2013 when I was having behavioral issues with one of my cats. Sam is clairvoyant and highly clairsentient with many psychic gifts, including the ability to communicate with animals. With no words spoken, she could converse with my cat and provide valuable feedback. Over time, Sam and I developed a close friendship.

In 2021, Sam began to receive messages from what she could feel was a high-vibrational, very powerful soul on the other side, and the messages were for me. During this period, Sam attempted something that she had never tried before: channeling a soul from the other side. Sam “stepped away” from her body, surrendered control, and allowed the essence of this soul to inhabit her body, utilize her vocal cords, and talk one-on-one with me.

This highly evolved soul had been a Hindu guru and spiritual master for many people during his previous life on Earth and wished to have a connection with me.  “Well, I am on a council . . . The Council. I am with other souls, and we want to send hope—messages of hope. We want the people to know that we are witnessing their struggles, but we see that Mother Earth is struggling most of all. We are looking forward to giving information to you. It’s our project, and we are giving you the responsibility of helping with this project.”

How do these conversations take place? Sam channels the souls and I conduct the interviews, along with help from my husband John. Leading up to the interviews, I handle the research and preparation of questions, and Sam sees nothing in advance except a photo of the soul that she will soon be channeling. Sam channels from her home, an hour away from where I live. The interviews are conducted over the phone, recorded, and later transcribed.

It was Sam’s and my desire to retain our privacy and use pseudonyms for the book along with my husband, John, who is the co-interviewer. In the end, our names are not important.

The souls have the sincerest of desires to provide you, the reader, with the much-needed hope that life on Earth really will get better, along with specific actions that each of us can take to help reach this objective. As Theodore Roosevelt said, “We can do this. We can come together and save this beautiful land. I believe with all my heart that it will be done.” Or, in the words of Samuel Clemens, “I truly know and believe the world is going to be a better, happier place in about twenty years. But it doesn’t mean y’all need to get lazy.” 

And it is my sincere hope that you will find comfort and inspiration in their messages.

John Thomas – Co-Interviewer

So, who am I and why am I involved? I am Carolyn’s husband. I am very fortunate to be Carolyn’s husband! I graduated with a degree in chemical engineering and my background is classic corporate technology. I went down the typical Silicon Valley tech company path, but then soon diverted to marketing, sales, and business development. I’ve tried my hand at big companies, and I’ve been involved with startups. I’ve had some successes, some failures, and lots of interesting experiences.

My involvement with the emerged when Carolyn was preparing for the Nikola Tesla interview. Without an engineering background, she was having difficulty formulating the more technical questions fitting for such a soul and asked for my help. I ended up leading the interview with Tesla, as well as the interviews with Albert Einstein and his first wife Mileva who reveals that she co-authored Einstein’s paper on relatively along with four other papers filed in 1905. I also felt drawn to speak with Ronald Reagan and Samuel Clemens and would go on to participate in the remaining interviews with Carolyn. We felt that having the two of us interview a soul made for more interesting conversation as well as follow on questions.

I must say, I was blown away to have had the opportunity to interact directly with these souls. And I believe the readers will feel inspired and enlightened by the information contained within the book. While each of us still has a responsibility to love and honor our planet and try to make this place better for future generations, it is my hope that readers will feel deeply touched and comforted by the souls’ words and optimistic about this beautiful place we presently call home.

Sam Larkin – Channeler

Whenever I’m asked, “How was your weekend?” I answer with, “Great! How was yours?” and quickly flip the question back to my colleagues at the investment firm where I work. I would never tell them that I spent my past Saturday channeling Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla, because (1) That would be crazy; and (2) Is that even possible? I’ll admit that it’s kind of crazy. But it’s also entirely possible.

Although channeling is somewhat new for me, I’ve always been intuitive. In fact, until I was eleven, it never occurred to me that this was not the norm, as I assumed that everyone was intuitive. So, I just took it for granted. But when my family bought a farm that eleventh summer and I was surrounded by various types of farm animals, I realized that my mom and dad did not share in my awareness in knowing that a cow was ill before exhibiting physical symptoms or that one of our horses was not just “skittish” but fearful of plastic bags in the wind. Much later, I learned that the animals were telepathically communicating this information to me in pictures, and I was interpreting the pictures. This is called clairvoyance, which literally means “clear seeing.” Along the way, I also discovered that I am highly clairsentient, which is the ability to feel an innate emotional awareness of psychic information.

As I got older and began working in the corporate world, I also started sharing my animal communication and psychic work with others by offering “readings” on the weekends while I held down my day job in financial services. This is how I met Carolyn, who was one of my clients, and before long, we became close friends. Eventually, I decided to stop doing my readings because the experience felt “complete” to me. I knew I wanted to use my intuitive gifts in other ways, and I decided to look for a “next step.” Little did I know that next step would include channeling notable spirits and working on a book project with Carolyn!

So, you’re probably wondering how a person with a master’s degree working in such a “serious” day job ends up channeling Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla—or anyone for that matter. Well, as you’ve probably guessed, having an open mind is essential! Also, having a sense of play while also being fully committed to the prospect of unlimited possibilities is a crucial element.

I found out that I could channel because I was willing to try. If I had not had a sense of play, a willingness, and a belief that it was possible, I would never have known that a meeting with Samuel Clemens is much more fun than sitting in a meeting with a group of portfolio managers. There’s a quote from artist Pablo Picasso that I love: “I am always doing things I can’t do, that’s how I get to do them.” Well said, Pablo. And with Carolyn’s undeniable support, encouragement, meticulous research, and thoughtful interviews, we were off. And that’s exactly how this book began.


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