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Channeled Messages of Hope is a compilation of channeled conversations obtained through a free-flowing interview format that took place from October 2022 through March 2023 with nineteen prominent souls. From their unique vantage point on the other side, the souls impart messages of hope for all of us on Earth during a time of human-induced global warming that has been accelerating at an unprecedented rate, causing extreme weather and environmental events, rising sea levels, ocean acidification, biodiversity loss, diminished food security, increased health risks, and poverty and displacement.

Taking a comprehensive approach, we interviewed souls who had been political leaders, scientists, marine biologists, oceanographers, climate change researchers, physicists, inventors, conservationists, spiritual leaders, a self-help author, and even a saint. These souls had been very influential while in a physical body and most acted on behalf of the planet. They were asked to draw upon knowledge gained from their time on Earth as well as their perspective now on the other side. Below is a complete list of the souls interviewed for this book:

Channeled Messages of Hope Souls
Channeled Messages of Hope Souls

The souls provide insights into what the future holds along with upcoming technological innovations and breakthroughs; meaningful actions that each one of us on Earth can take; why this crisis is happening from a higher perspective and what we are to learn; and tools that we can employ for self-care. The souls also share surprising revelations from their time on Earth; what their experience was like when crossing over; who they are guides for and how they help them; collaborations with souls on the other side; and if they have plans for another incarnation.

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Channeled Messages is unique in that author and interviewer Carolyn Thomas’ access to notable souls combined with channeler Sam Larkin’s incredibly rare gift of enabling true dialogue that can be humorous at times, as well as more serious, makes for highly compelling content with much depth and richness. Imagine a segment on 60 Minutes in which Albert Einstein or Jacques Cousteau is being interviewed by Anderson Cooper in an interactive and free-flowing interview format discussing the future of our planet, technological breakthroughs on the horizon, what life is like on the other side, and fundamentally giving readers messages of a hopeful nature regarding the Earth that their children and grandchildren will inherit.

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